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The Everglades Coast

Design For Flooding: Resilient Landscape Urbanism

The Everglades Coast was an urban design research  project with the aim to define a resiliency strategy for dealing with sea level rise brought on by the climate ciris for Broward County, Florida. This proposal uses the US Route 27 highway as the main site for intervention. Our proposal transformed this rural highway – roughly six feet higher than the adjacent land – into a linear, mixed-use urban community. The strategy also focused on highlighting the Everglades as an attractive natural feature that could be treated with the same regard as the ocean’s shoreline.

To this end, our proposal sought to create an urban wetland park adjecent to the Everglades. Overall, we hoped to provide the basis for an urbanized, civic edge condition while being mindful to maintain the transport use of highway US Route 27, and to incorporate light industrial functions that will ensure this becomes a truly mixed-use urban community.

This project is purely theoretical and unrealistic.



Urban Design



Fort Lauderdale, Florida



In collaboration with Aidan Loweth



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