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Music Festival Pavilion Proposal

Inspired by the ubiquitous slinky toy, SLINKY is a proposal for a fun and silly pavilion that could be enjoyed by anyone regardless of age, gender, or nationality. It is nostalgic, quirky, and instagram-ready. Meant to only create joy and appeal to expectators curiosity and imagination.


The 7 meter high structure would be made out of two hundred 1.5” diameter steel pipes that will be welded to one another using plug welds to create an unified steel member. The stainless tubes will then be powder coated and galvanized in the colours of the rainbow.


Visitors will be able to enter the structure and see the visual effects created by the spiraling rings, the sunlight and the gradual change of colors.

At various points inside the structure the distance between each steel element will be wide enough to exit or enter safely without backtracking. At night the structure would light up and become an immersive light tunnel and a beacon of light that can be enjoyed from a distance.


Similarly,  a giant slinky arch is envisioned as a sister companion to the slinky tunnel, which could act as a gateway or entrance to an event or festival. 


 Xarli. Is looking for a patron, organization, festival or event such as Coachella or Burning Man, that could curate and fund the project.






Coachella or Burning man (I hope lol)



this was something I did for fun...I love the idea and hope to build it one day!

it would be lit AF!

💃🏽 🔥 😍

an arch would be pretty cool too :)  🌈

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