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Pinazo Creek Master Plan

Flood Prevention in Informal Communities

Without a doubt, informal settlements such as Pinazo are one of the most apparent forms of social segregation in Buenos Aires. These type of developments are illegal settlements known for their high densities and lack of public and social services; and they demonstrate strong social and cultural isolation between middle class and working class groups. The goal of this project is to alleviate the poor living standards of slum dwellers by providing a set of social and public programs based on the densification needs in the slum of Pinazo.

This project arose out of a firsthand observation of Pinazo and through consultation with community members. With the research carried out, it was evident that the current social services found in Pinazo were not adequate to serve current and future population needs.  Our proposal sought to create a "civic core" for Pinazo by undertaking a set of physical, social, economic, organizational and environmental improvements with the help of the local community. 


Urban Design



Pinazo, Buenos Aires, Argentina



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