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Old Ottawa East

Sustainable Urban Design & Place Making

The Old Ottawa East “Oblate Park” Master Plan was conceived as a case study for a completely green development, emphasizing the use of renewable energy and the direct integration of natural surroundings into the built environment. The final proposal takes into consideration housing demand, defining different types of high density housing; ensures good accessibility of to green spaces and public space enhancements; and integrates the urban fabric of the proposed design with the existing neighbourhood and the Rideau River.

Overall, the project hopes to become a new point of interest by establishing a Cultural Park with programs ranging from exhibition spaces to a vibrant Great Lawn for open-air performances of music, dance and theatre. The intention of the Cultural Park is to create a bustling new urban center for the Old Ottawa East and to inspire, promote and encourage cultural pursuits for all.


Urban Design

Mixed-Use Development


Old Ottawa East, Ottawa, CA



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