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2020 Jardin des Metis International Garden Festival

Inspired by garden crafts of an ancient knot-tying technique referred to as Macramé, ENTWINE presents an adaptation of the traditional technique that is merged with contemporary materials to highlight the variety of plants hybridized within horticulture. Utilizing Macramé hangers as a ubiquitous method of plant display, a familiar mode of exhibition is adapted to offer a new level of contemplation. Displayed as single specimens suspended from translucent cord, hybridized and non-hybridized plants are observed by entering an immersive field of translucent materials situated within a spiral. Inside the spiral, visitors are free to wander between and become entwined with the structure’s cords.

Variation in cord colour highlight the presence of the plants, with plant material situated in a semi-spherical assemblage symbolic of a living world. Acknowledging that each plant possesses unique characteristics, what meets the eye of the observer may not clarify what these distinctions may be. Hybridized versions look similar to their counterparts, and their display is intended to highlight that very notion of being counterparts within the living world, as unique but complementing life forms, both aesthetically and functionally.





Gaspésie, Quebec


2019 - 2021

In collaboration with Waiyee Chou

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