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Cute Barn

2020 Warming Hut Competition - not selected :(

Inspired by Manitoba’s vast prairie meadows and rich agricultural history, Cute Barn integrates a beautifully designed whimsical A-frame structure that is meant to evoke a sense of wonder and togetherness among visitors. Our desire was to create a fun, instagram-ready pavilion that could be enjoyed by kids and adults alike. The pink structure and colourful sheep have been designed to stand out against the white snow, attracting curious visitors to a special destination along the river.

The life size sculpted sheep would be arranged in a setting that encourages people to connect with each other physically, and playfully. It is a known fact that huddling with friends is very important for sheep, as this is how they produce and conserve heat to stay warm during the winter. This installation invites people to huddle with the sheep figures and each other, to make friends and keep warm!








In collaboration with Waiyee Chou

Sadly we didn't win

It's so cute, I'm so sad we didn't get to build it!


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