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Confluence Point

Mixed-Use Development for Toronto’s East End

Confluence Point was a mixed-use development proposal located east of the Don River. The masterplan sought to transform a large commercial parking lot and BMW dealership into a new vibrant neighbourhood. Confluence Point would become an anchor by providing office, and commercial opportunities around the new transit hub. This new rich multi-use community would complement the East Harbour employment centre, and would provide a vibrant mix of open spaces, cultural entertainment facilities, at-grade retail and co-working office space for Toronto’s technology industry.

The mix of open spaces and leisure facilities is crowned by a new park and innovation centre: Bridgeview Park and the Outlook Point Centre for Civic Innovation – a multi-purpose facility, developed for local residents’ sports, recreation, and performing-arts needs. It would also host small-to-medium size events for the adjecent communities. The new park and community centre would be linked to Corktown Common through a new pedestrian bridge.


Urban Design

Mixed-Use Development



Toronto, Ontario, CA



In collaboration with

Lydon Whittle & Pooya AleDavood

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