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"OFF The Rails"

Mason Street Revitalization
Competition Finalist

For this design challenge designers were tasked with the redesign of the Mason Street Downtown Corridor in Fort Collins, Colorado. This corridor is a connection between Colorado State University and the downtown and it is populated with a mix of residential and commercial establishments. The challenge also called for creative solutions for integrating the BNSF Railroad right-of-way that runs in the middle of Mason Street, and is a major divider between the west and east side of the street. 


Our proposal sought to improve the streetscape and promote activity along the corridor while creating a memorable character and identity for the Mason Street Downtown Corridor. In order to achieve this we proposed amalgamating and reducing traffic lanes to one lane in each direction which will be shared by buses and cars. We also proposed the creation of a dedicated two-way bike lane for cyclists. 

The cycleway will be curb-separated from the road, improving safety for cyclists. This alignment will be simple to extend northward in the future to connect with the city’s riverside trail network. By moving the bike lane to the east side of Mason Street, we created more space on the west side that would be devoted to public realm improvements.


Bays of on-street parking are spaced apart from each other, allowing the sidewalk to extend out into a series of outdoor rooms. These rooms will animate the street by creating unique zones of activity each with their own characteristic and programming; including an urban lookout that would allow pedestrians to look over the train and across the street.


Urban Design

Street Design



Fort Collins, Colorado, USA



In collaboration with Aidan Loweth

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